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Improved Sensitivity

Zinis uses extremely sensitive and specific “Real-time” PCR protocols that enable detection of low-level, early stage infections. DNA amplification-based methodology for detection of bacteria, viruses and parasites in real-time offers increased sensitivity over traditional methods, particularly for viruses and difficult to culture organisms.

Accurate Organism Identification

Since the assay detects specific genetic sequences unique to viruses and microorganism, the infectious agent is definitively identified. The organism need not be capable of growth to be detected. This is particularly important in patients who have been treated with antimicrobial prior to sampling.

Smaller Specimen Requirements

The PCR format minimizes sample requirements, increases efficiency and decreases testing cost. Multiple infectious agents can be tested for in a single specimen

Customized Testing Menu

Zinis addresses specific clinical needs, by offering tests both in panels and by single organism or virus.

Technical Expertise

The staff of Zinis are well qualified (M. Phil/PhD in Molecular Biology) and are trained in Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Virology. They had spent part of their tenure in CDC, USA, CEMB, and CAMP etc.

Excellent Price and Exceptional Service

The Zinis offers excellent institutional billing prices. The use of panel tests also lowers the costs significantly when multiple organisms are suspected. When you order tests form Zinis, you can expect personalized and flexible service of the highest quality in accordance with your clinical needs. Presently, the test charges of Zinis are 30-50% less than that of other laboratories of the country.